Mike Connell has been an attorney with the firm since 2002.  His practice focuses on workers’ compensation.  An attorney by training, Mike is a musician at heart.  After graduating from law school in 1985, Mike decided to pursue a dream he had since second grade: to launch a music career.  His dream turned into a reality and, for approximately 17 years, his band The Connells wrote and recorded music, landed a record deal, recorded 8 albums, and toured all over the United States, Canada, and Europe.  They also had one song charted through Western Europe reach #1 in two or three countries.

As an attorney, Mike has translated his music passion into helping his clients.  He derives the most passion from helping to achieve a result in his client’s claims that both parties feel to be fair, which ideally might allow the injured party to move past the injury and on with their life.  An avid Tar Heel fan, Mike enjoys cooking, reading, sports (playing and watching), and music (playing and listening) in his free time.