Injury by Accident

Case Law Update: Barnette v. Lowes

Attorney Keeps Employer from Paying Undeserved Benefits

Barnette v. Lowes (4/19/16) The North Carolina Court of Appeals overturned a Deputy Commissioner and the Full Commission Opinion and Award denying the plaintiff’s claim. The Court found that an “accident” occurred where plaintiff was “engaged in his normal work duty…” at the time of alleged injury, but there was an interruption in the normal work routine […]

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Mica Worthy Obtained Favorable Opinion & Award from IC in Back Injury Claim

Injury Claim Form for Workers' Comp Defense

Mica Nguyen Worthy (Charlotte) recently obtained a favorable Opinion and Award from the Industrial Commission wherein a claimant alleged he sustained an injury by accident or specific traumatic incident to his back while working. Plaintiff received medical treatment without prejudice and his alleged back condition resolved allowing him to work an additional 8 months for […]

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