When a workers’ compensation claim is first reported, the employer/claims adjuster wants to be proactive and formulate a strategic plan for investigation to determine whether the claim is compensable, and if so, what benefits are owed.  Again, timing is key.

Start at the beginning- review the existing information and documentation about the alleged incident to determine what information and documentation has already been gathered and what  is needed to determine the best cost containment strategy to implement to help make the compensability analysis, determine what medical treatment is necessary, and/or whether any indemnity benefits are owed.

The next four (4) Parts of the Cost Containment Strategies Blog Series will address the following cost containment strategies that may be implemented during the beginning, or initial investigation, of the claim:

(1)        Background Investigation;

(2)        Recorded Statement;

(3)        Medical Records/Medical Information; and

(4)        Rule 607(a) Records Request and Discovery.


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