Dawn Lane (Raleigh) recently obtained a favorable decision on a Motion for Reconsideration in an uninsured claim in which claimant sustained multiple injuries after being hit by a car in a parking lot.  Our client was named as a defendant under the “piercing of the corporate veil” theory.   Defendant responded to Plaintiff’s initial set of discovery requests, but objected to producing his financial statements.  Plaintiff filed a Motion to Compel seeking an Order compelling defendant produce his financial statements, including tax records.  Within just 4 days, the IC inadvertently issued an Order allowing plaintiff’s motion to compel without allowing defendant his ten days to respond.  Defendant immediately filed a response which argued that his financial records are irrelevant and an invasion of his privacy as he was not an employee of the named defendant-employer.   In addition, defendant filed a Motion for Reconsideration as to the Order allowing plaintiff’s Motion to compel.  As a result, the IC issued a modified Order allowing defendant to produce redacted financial statements only.

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