As of November 1, 2014, the Industrial Commission has implemented several important new changes for Form 24 litigation.


  1. Defendants will no longer have to pay a $175.00 filing fee to the Industrial Commission.
  2. Defendants must file Form 24 Applications with the Industrial Commission through Electronic Document Fee Portal (EDFP*). The Industrial Commission has instructed defendants to submit Form 24 Applications through EDFP and choose the “Pay Later” option, but defendants will not be billed the filing fee- the charge will be deleted once the Form 24 Application is processed. (NCIC Rule 04 NCAC 10A .0404)
  1. Defendants should submit all Form 24 Applications, Responses, or Supplemental Filings to or to Tiffany Davalos by fax at (919) 715-0282.
  2. Defendants should include the Industrial Commission file number in the subject line on all Form 24 submissions/communications.
  3. Defendants must serve Form 24 Applications on pro se plaintiffs via U.S. Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested.
  4. Defendants must serve Form 24 Applications on plaintiffs represented by counsel via fax or email only. Defendants must copy the Industrial Commission (via for email service or provide the Industrial Commission with confirmation of fax delivery.

*Instructions for registering for EDFP may be found here.

Questions? Please visit the Industrial Commission website or consult with your CSH Law Attorney.