Checklist: Affirmative Defenses to NC Workers’ Comp Claims

Is the workers’ comp claim covered under the NC Workers’ Compensation Act? Before addressing compensability, use this checklist as a guide to consider whether or not the claim has a basis under the NC Workers’ Compensation Act. This checklist outlines the key aspects to consider when determining if the claim falls within the scope of […]


North Carolina Workers’ Compensation 101

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This Continuing Education Program covers basic information for Workers’ Compensation defense in North Carolina, including: History of workers’ compensation laws Injury by accident and occupational diseases Arising out of and in the course of employment Causation issues Administration of claims Investigation best practices Return to work Maximum medical improvement (MMI) Best practices for claims management […]

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When is Filing a Form 24 Application Proper?

When to File Form 24 Application Workers Comp CSH Law

The second blog of a four part blog series covers When filing a Form 24 application is appropriate. This blog post will address specific situations involving return to work, compliance, and the catch-all “miscellaneous” scenarios. There are instances when it is appropriate to terminate TTD benefits without Industrial Commission approval and those are covered in the first blog post in this series.

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Save Money with a Successful Form 24 Strategy

Save Money Successful Form 24 Strategy CSH Law

This is the first post of a four-part blog series that will discuss tips and strategies to give employers the best chance of prevailing on Form 24 Applications, and as a result, saving their companies money. These tips and strategies are broken down into the following posts: Part 1 – Terminating TTD Benefits WITHOUT First Obtaining Permission From the North Carolina Industrial Commission (this post). Part 2 – When Is Filing a Form 24 Application Appropriate? Part 3 – How to Successfully Prepare a Form 24 Application. Part 4 – Recognizing – and Avoiding – Common Pitfalls to Winning a Form 24 Application.

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