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How to Avoid Pitfalls When Filing Your Form 24 Application

Form 24 Application Tips and Strategies CSH Law

The fourth and final part of this four part blog series will provide a roundup of best tips and strategies for preparing a successful Form 24 Application by addressing common pitfalls to identify and avoid including: (1) Failure to submit adequate information/documentation; (2) Failure to respond to or refute information/assertions/documentation put forth by the injured employee; and (3) Filing Form 24 Applications on improper grounds.

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PPD Ratings: Schedule of Weeks [Infographic]

Workers' Compensation PPD Ratings

This infographic illustrates the number of weeks of permanent partial disability an employee is entitled to receive for the loss or loss of use of the body parts shown or vision in an eye.

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Checklist of Affirmative Defenses for NC Comp Claims

Affirmative Defenses Checklist

Although arguably the most important determination an adjuster makes when a claim is filed is whether or not the claim is compensable, before even contemplating that question, the adjuster should consider whether or not the claim has a basis under the NC Workers’ Compensation Act (the “Act”.) This checklist covers several affirmative defenses for defendants to consider at the beginning of any claim.

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2014 NC Case Law Update

NC Workers Comp Law Updates

This post contains a summary of significant 2014 Workers Compensation cases decided by the Courts, along with “practice tips” for addressing these issues. Covered topics include: Medical Causation, notice defenses, subsequent injuries, use of surveillance, time bar defenses, reformation of form agreements, change of treating physicians, and vocational rehabilitation.

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Death Cases and Resulting Claims for Benefits: An Overview

Death Cases and Resulting Claims for Benefits

This post provides a general overview for handling death cases under the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act. Death cases and the resulting claims can be extremely fact specific so it is always best to discuss specific claims with an attorney. Below you will find questions to ask as you work through death claims in North Carolina.

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When is Filing a Form 24 Application Proper?

When to File Form 24 Application Workers Comp CSH Law

The second blog of a four part blog series covers When filing a Form 24 application is appropriate. This blog post will address specific situations involving return to work, compliance, and the catch-all “miscellaneous” scenarios. There are instances when it is appropriate to terminate TTD benefits without Industrial Commission approval and those are covered in the first blog post in this series.

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Save Money with a Successful Form 24 Strategy

Save Money Successful Form 24 Strategy CSH Law

This is the first post of a four-part blog series that will discuss tips and strategies to give employers the best chance of prevailing on Form 24 Applications, and as a result, saving their companies money. These tips and strategies are broken down into the following posts: Part 1 – Terminating TTD Benefits WITHOUT First Obtaining Permission From the North Carolina Industrial Commission (this post). Part 2 – When Is Filing a Form 24 Application Appropriate? Part 3 – How to Successfully Prepare a Form 24 Application. Part 4 – Recognizing – and Avoiding – Common Pitfalls to Winning a Form 24 Application.

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Adjusters: Best Practices for Dealing with Liens

Claims Adjuster Best Practices Dealing with Liens

In North Carolina workers’ compensation claims, there are 3 entities that we see most often with a lien that must be satisfied out of any settlement paid to the injured worker: Health Insurance Providers, Veterans Administration, and Child Support Agencies. This blog post offers adjusters a few simple steps you can take to deal with liens efficiently when handling a claim.

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