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Employers: Is Your Company Social Putting You at Risk?

Employers at Risk for WC

The arrival of summer marks the end of another school year and the anticipation of beach vacations, backyard cookouts, and pool parties. This time of year also brings the annual company festival with the boss manning the BBQ pit, the interoffice corn hole tournament; and the balloon-making clown for the kids. Not to rob such an event of its pure joy and frivolity, but for those of us in the business, we should pause to consider the possible workers’ compensation ramifications of such annual company rituals.

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Workers’ Compensation Cost Containment for the North Carolina Employer: Effectively Asserting the Misrepresentation Defense

On June 24, 2011, then-Governor Beverly Purdue signed H 709—”Protecting and Putting North Carolina Back to Work Act” into law. As part of this Legislative Reform, North Carolina Employers now have an additional defense (misrepresentation) available to workers’ compensation claims arising on or after June 24, 2011. However, in order to use this defense Employers must do their homework BEFORE an alleged work accident happens.

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Safety Resources for NC Employers

Workers Compensation Educational Seminar Conference Book

CSH Law Workers’ Comp has put together helpful resources related to workplace safety from the NC Department of Labor, the NC Safety Council, and others.

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